Azhars Mask KN95

Sourcing the world for the world’s finest
particulate respiratory mask

not all kn95 (classification) masks are the same!
Azhar’s ultimate & premium quality KN95 masks are a new standard
for those that seeks the best protection for yourself and surroundings.
These masks are washable & reusable, Breathable & comfortable to wear all day.


Quality isn’t expensive, Cheap is expensive!

As indicated in the table below it is of utmost importantance to select a mask that protects both you and your sourroundings.

A good mask consists of 4 or 5 layers,1 layer of 50g or 2 layers of 25g of Meltblown non woven fabric combine with layers of spunbond and cotton.

4 Layer KN95 Mask disassembled

5 Layer KN95 Mask disassembled

The Main Critical component - Meltblown fiber

Meltblowns have a smooth texture and a circular cross section, providing a surface area excellent for insulation, softness and most importantly the filtration charteristic utilized in mask is highly effective when combined with spunbond and cottons.

The effectiveness of the meltblown depends on the following critria:

1. The quality of the meltblown fiber utilized 2. The number of layers of meltblown 3. The thickness of the fiber used 4. The Process of connecting the spondbond & meltblown material.

Watch our video on HOW TO SELECT A QUALITY kn95 MASK

Watch our video on how good quality kn95 masks helps you protect yourself!

Our video explains in details how to indentify a good quality KN95 mask and also how to detect counterfiet masks by a few simple steps you can perform yourself.

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