Respiratory Protective Mask 4 Layers

Mask disassembly diagram and analysis


1. SMS 50(g) (Spunbond, Meltblown, Spunbond) is a tri laminated non woven fabric.
It is used for its barrier properties against micro organisms, water repellent and absorption properties and breathability.
2. 50(g) BFE/VFE ≥99 Meltblown Germ filter (Bacteria and Viral filtration efficiency) premium quality meltblown ensure the filter performance to capture 95% or more particles of 3 microns.
3. 25(g) ES hot air blown cotton filters dust, allergens and other particles. ES hot air cotton is a kind of filter layer that folds N95 mask filter cotton. “ES” in ES hot air cotton is a composite fiber, which is the abbreviation of “Ethylene-Propylene Side by Side” and refers to the name of the raw material. As a new type of heat-bondable composite fiber, ES fiber has been highly evaluated in the world. The “hot air” of hot air cotton refers to a process. After the fibers are combed, the hot air on the drying equipment is used to penetrate the web, which is heated to be bonded to the non-woven fabric.
4. 25(g) spunbond moisture and water absorbing repellent.
5. Please see 11 class certification standard requirements.
6. Please see videos of the manufacturing process of the critical Meltblown material.
7. Please see videos of the manufacturing process of the Spunbond material.
8. Please see videos of the manufacturing process of the Mask.
9. Please see comparison of KN95 vs N95.
10. KN95 Chinese approval and Chinese certification and EN149-2001 European certification
11. Meets FPP2 Filtration requirement European and Great Britain.
12. Approved by CDC as a comparable replacement for US standards.
13. Manufactured in certified factories.
14. Please see commentary on sub-standard counterfeit KN95 masks sold in the market.
15. Please view different home test that can be perform which is not a substitute for lab testing.
16. Click here to watch a video on all you need about Respiratory Protective Masks.


1. 50(g) BFE/VFE ≥99 Meltblown Germ filter
2. 3D snug fitting design without any leakage meeting exclusive KN95 class fitting
requirements testing on human faces.
3. Flat-fold design comfortable to wear regularly for long periods.
4. Expandable cotton ear bands for more comfortable wearing.
5. Reusable for 20-30 days and washable in hot water at 150 degrees. Place in the sun to dry.

 “All you need to know about KN95 Respiratory Protective mask”

KN95 Mask -5 Layers Manufacturing Process

KN95 Mask -5 Layers Finishing Process