Disposable Mask 4 Layers Filtration (Korean) -1 per pk

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Disposable Face Mask, 4 Layer Filtration, Pack of 1

Available in  2 colors (black & white)

Imported from Korea



The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of better safety and sanitization methods to minimize risks of catching or spreading the virus. Although the infection rate is well under control, ensuring proper precaution is still essential for your health and wellbeing.

Wearing a mask greatly reduces your chances of contracting various viruses and prevents germs and bacteria from entering your system and risking your health.

The FDA recommends using a KN 95 masks for effective protection against the coronavirus and other bacteria. Our KN95 disposable 4-layer filtration mask have been specifically designed to offer better protection than a standard disposable mask. The mask is made with high quality material that is soft, comfortable, and safe for regular use. The 4 layers of protection provide 95% filtration and stop non-oil-based particles that are present in viruses, as well as anti-dust and anti-bacterial protection for the wearer. The material also protects against pollution and airborne particulates that can affect the respiratory system.

The fabric used to make the different layers is lightweight and ensures greater breathability, so you can breathe easily while doing various tasks throughout the day with your mask on.

The mask also features comfortable ear loops and an adjustable nose wire to fit any face shape and size comfortably without allowing particulates to enter form the sides.

The mask is available in a pack of one in two different colors, black and white. The mask is packed in a sealed bag to prevent contamination and can be reused multiple times before being discarded!

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