KN95 Respiratory Mask 5 Layers The Ultimate T2-2 per pk

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The Ultimate T2 KN95 respiratory mask offer effective, hygienic, and comfortable protection against various pollutants, bacteria, and allergens in the environment that can have a negative impact on the respiratory system. It is a valuable piece of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for people that often work in social settings that call for close contact with others or prolonged exposure to harmful elements in the environment.

The protective Ultimate T2 KN95 respiratory mask is made up of five high quality layers to offer a minimum bacterial filtration of 95% or more to the wearer. Our 5-layer mask features one layer of Ethelene polypropene, two layers of non-woven fabric, and two layers of melt blown material to provide complete protection against viral and environmental hazards such as bacteria, air droplets, fog, car exhaust, dust particles, and pollen.

All fabrics and material used to create our Ultimate T2 KN95 respiratory mask are of the best quality and lightweight for comfort and easy breathability. They are safe for everyday use by all kinds of people for hygienic respiratory protection.

The design of our mask is economical with durable and stretchable ear loop straps with dual attachment points that can easily fit behind the ears and ensure wearer comfort for hours. The lightweight aluminum nose clip allows the wearer to adjust the mask securely against their nose to form a seal and prevent any particulates from entering the gaps.

The KN95 respiratory mask is registered with the FDA and is available in packs of 2 and ten mask packets.

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1 Pk (2 Masks), 5 Pks (10 Masks)


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