Disposable KN95 Face Mask 4 Layers Promotional Pkg-5 PCS/Pack

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Lockdowns may have been lifted all around, but the need for safety has not gone away. Caution is still required in order to maintain a healthy environment for ourselves and others. When it comes to precaution, there’s no such thing as too safe. As recommended by the CDC, the KN95 mask is a must-have for you and your family. It contains 4 layers, which provide it with 95% or more filtration of particles in the air.

It allows for easy breathability with proper pass through for oxygen flow, so you can breathe without any difficulty while wearing this mask on. It can be washed as well and reused several times before being discarded. The mask has been approved by the FDA for use by the public, and its 3D contour design allows it to fit on every face, so there’s no issue about sizing when buying one. It comes in a pack of 5, so you can ensure the wellbeing of others around you as well.

Rated at PM2.5, it can allow only inhalable particles in the air which are measurable at around 100 times thinner than the average human hair.  It will keep you safe even in the harshest environment full of dust and debris. A utility like this will help you navigate and operate in high traffic areas, where you’re likely to be exposed to various kinds of germs and allergens, and this mask will help you combat them effectively.

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1 Pk (5 Masks), 5 Pks (25 Masks)


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