KN95 Respiratory Mask-5 Layers Premium Quality T4 -2 per pk

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KN95 -5 Layers, Pack of 2

KN95 -5 Layers, 5 Packs, 10 masks total



Our 5 layers premium quality T4 KN95 respiratory mask is both comfortable and breathable and provides effective protection against most harmful airborne particulates.

Approved by the FDA due to its efficacy, the mask features five layers of high-quality materials and premium fabrics for ultimate protection.

The outer soft non-woven fabric layer blocks basic particles and pollens.

The middle two layers are made of melt-blown cloth to filter out non-oil particles, dust particles, smog, bacteria, germs, and other particulates above 0.3 microns.

The second last layer is hot cotton air layer that ensures breathability and prevents the mask from absorbing heat.

The final layer is the non-woven cotton fabric that helps prevent secondary pollution by absorbing exhalation of CO2. The soft cotton fabric is also comfortable against the skin and makes it perfect for prolonged wear.

The premium quality T4 KN95 respiratory mask also features an economic design that not only offers maximum protection but is also highly durable and gentle on the skin. The adjustable soft nose clip seals the mask against the skin. The extra-soft elastic ear loop straps fit comfortably with less strain to the ears and can fit most face sizes and shapes.

The mask is finished with ultrasonic welding to ensure there are no seams in the fabric and the mask is firm and not easy to fall off or get damaged. The T4 KN95 respiratory mask can be folded easily which makes it convenient to carry in your pocket or purse and use whenever necessary.

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1 Pk (2 Masks), 5 Pks (10 Masks)


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