KN95 Respiratory Mask 4 Layers Standard Quality -2 per pk

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The KN95 respiratory mask is a particulate-filtering facepiece respirator and anti-viral mask that offers basic protection against foreign and airborne particles that can compromise your respiratory system. The product can be used in both outdoor and indoor settings and is recommended for use when performing social activities and other tasks where close contact cannot be avoided.

Our standard quality 4-layer KN95 respiratory mask offers multi-layered protection by filtering out dust, germs, and viral particulates. The mask is made from non-woven fabrics with a melt blown inner layer that is highly effective at filtering out hazardous particles and aerosols. The bacterial filtration efficiency of the mask can reach more than 95% under standard conditions. There is also a water repellent skin-friendly spun bound non-woven layer that makes the mask comfortable and soft. The outer layer is made with premium quality cotton material to bring comfort to your skin. The layers are designed to ensure smooth ventilation breathability without compromising the safety of the wearer by keeping out various dust and other allergens.

The mask also features a lightweight aluminum sheet nose clip which helps secure the mask against the nose to create a seal and prevent any bacteria from entering through gaps. The mask also comes with elastic ear straps made with soft fabric that fits comfortably on any size and face shape. While the KN95 respirator mask is not disposable, it should be replaced if it gets contaminated or is damaged. We also recommend replacing the mask after four uses for maximum protection against viral infections and other air pollutants.


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