KN95 Respiratory Mask 4 Layers Premium quality-2 per pk

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KN945 – 4 Layers, Pack of 2



KN95 masks are usually worn by professionals during various procedures or situations to minimize risks of being infected by virus particles, bacteria, or other airborne contaminants that pose a serious risk to the overall health. A quality fitted KN95 mask can effectively reduce the risk of infection for the wearer and others around them.

The KN95 respiratory mask has been specially designed with advanced safety features to provide better protection compared to standard disposable face masks. The mask is made from premium quality cotton material that is skin-friendly and is comfortable to wear for long periods. The mask contains multiple layers to ensure excellent filtering effect and has the ability to capture and filter out 95 percent of tiny 0.3-micron airborne particles.

The mask is manufactured in FDA certified facilities and has been approved by the CDC as an acceptable replacement due to its effectiveness against virus particles, and common bacteria and germs found in the air. The 4 layer of filtering protection and the thick and durable outermost protective layer makes the KN95 respiratory mask dust-proof and while offering multi-layered protection against foreign particles that can enter the respiratory system.

The comfortable elastic strap of our KN95 respiratory mask is made from a soft and stretchy material which fits easily behind your ears. The adjustable nose clip allows the wearer to secure the mask against the shape of their nose to create a perfect tight seal around the nose and mouth for optimal protection. The 4-ply thick material is foldable and can be easily stored in a purse or a pocket which makes it suitable for daily use by anyone anywhere.

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1 Pk (2 Masks), 5 Pks (10 Masks)


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